Nonprofit Board Responsibilities

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Nonprofit board members face higher expectations and greater scrutiny

Worried about your Nonprofit Board Responsibilities

Worried about your Nonprofit Board Responsibilities

than ever before. This increased scrutiny comes from the media, government and from all levels of the community. More and more people are demanding to know more about what goes on in boardrooms. Some board members have become afraid that the increased scrutiny could lead to exposure to personal liability if the organization fails to comply, even inadvertently, with the increased regulations. Thankfully, this fear is usually unfounded. However, it points to the importance of being very clear when communicating roles and responsibilities to your nonprofit board members. Contact Nonprofit Kinect today for a free consultation to better understand the perameters of board member resposibilities.

Board Members Need Clear Responsibilities

Even boards that simply appear to be inattentive or passive can ignite public outcry and calls for governmental initiative. Such responses can be either healthy and appropriate or counterproductive to the mission. In response to this increased public attention to nonprofit board activities, there has been a greater interest by nonprofit board members in learning more about their responsibilities. Most board members want to be part of a board that is knowledgeable about its duties and conducting itself in a way that enhances the value, effectiveness, and credibility of their organization. The best place to start is to ensure that your board members are very clear about their responsibilities.

Understanding the difference between board responsibilities and those of staff leadership is critical to ensuring a high performing board. A comprehensive job description for the board helps minimize any ambiguities about expectations of the board. The board’s legal authority and the responsibilities of its individual members are distinct yet interdependent.

The professionals at NonprofitKinect will work with you to develop a clear set of expectations for your board as well as for your individual board members. As a result, you will rest assured that your board and your organization are operating well within the law and at optimum effectiveness.