Nonprofit Board Retreats

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A well-planned, inclusively conceived, effectively executed retreat is perhaps the best way to address head-on some of the more challenging issues facing a board and the organization it governs. A board retreat is an unparalleled opportunity for progress forward. Unfortunately, many board members have endured poorly planned or implemented retreats and have come to expect that all retreats are at best exercises in futility and at worst a waste of time and resources.

A successful retreat doesn’t just happen. It requires careful planning and a significant commitment of resources, time, and creative energy — by planners, by the organization’s staff, and by participants. Contact Nonprofit Kinect today for a free consultation on how your organization can conduct a retreat goes beyond just being a team building exercise by tying the meeting’s agenda and activities clearly to the organization’s strategic challenges and goals.

Board Retreats Allow for Strategic Thinking

Boards that regularly engage in retreats know that the time spent away from the press of daily responsibilities and tasks can allow the board to challenge assumptions and rethink systems, begin a strategic planning process, tackle difficult issues, forge camaraderie, and improve productivity.

A successful retreat can hinge on the work of a hard-working planning committee, a skilled facilitator, dynamic speakers, and an executive who carries out preparation down to the last detail. It can be helped along by an agreeable locale and energizing activities. But the most important factor contributing to the success of a retreat is a planning process that involves board members.

The professionals at NonprofitKinect will work with your organization’s board and executive staff to carefully plan and execute a board retreat that will reignite enthusiasm and focus everyone on a common set of goals.