Nonprofit Capacity Building

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Nonprofit organizations are justly admired for their passionate commitment to mission and their inventive approaches to addressing urgent social problems. Nonprofit programs are improving the quality of life for millions of people, and they are often doing so against heavy odds and with very limited resources. Capacity building is more important than ever. Contact Nonprofit Kinect today for a free consultation on how to ensure that your organization is operating at optimal capacity.

The success that nonprofits have demonstrated in addressing social issues has generated increased demand for their services. Government is increasingly turning to nonprofits as potential service providers and partners in tackling our most pressing social issues. We now recognize that most of these issues will not be solved in our lifetime, and therefore will require strong organizations to continue to address them.

Successful nonprofits are seeking new and ever more effective ways of making tangible progress toward their missions, and this requires building organizational capacity. All too many nonprofits, however, focus on creating new programs and keeping administrative costs low instead of building the organizational capacity necessary to achieve their aspirations effectively and efficiently. This is not surprising, given that donors and funders have traditionally been more interested in supporting an exciting new idea than in building an organization that can effectively carry out that idea.

Building a Great Organization Requires Capacity Building

The only way to build a great organization is to build capacity. Yet, even though capacity building is important it is also difficult. Thankfully, there is a growing national conversation about how to help nonprofits become stronger, more sustainable, and better able to serve their communities.

The professionals at Nonprofit Kinect bring the expertise needed to assess and strengthen nonprofits so they can do even more to improve lives of those they serve. Your organization will effectively improve the breadth and depth of its work so that its programs achieve greater impact and sustainability through solid organizational infrastructure and systems.