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Are you Meeting your Fundraising Goals?

Fundraising must begin with the board because board members hold the level of understanding and commitment necessary to fulfill the organization’s mission. They are current donors who have made thoughtful commitments or should be challenged to do so to sustain the work of the organization. Many organizations find it difficult to engage board members in fundraising. Contact Nonprofit Kinect today for a free consultation on how to ignite your boards’ fundraising efforts.

The board’s oversight gives it the knowledge, integrity, and credibility in making the case for support to peers, corporate and foundation leaders, and others who might care about the cause. As primary advocates and vested donors who are committed to the organization, board members are in the best position to ask others to make gifts and to secure volunteers to seek gifts from others. When members of the board participate it sends a clear signal of the organization’s commitment to the fulfillment of the mission.

Good board governance includes securing the future of the organization largely through maintaining accountability to constituents, which forms the basis of successful fundraising. Board members must raise funds to keep the organization financially solvent, which is one of their primary fiduciary duties. They must inform the public of the organization’s worthiness for philanthropic support and hold the organization accountable for public use of its resources.

Is your Board Good at Fundraising?

Some boards are better than others at taking responsibility for raising funds for their organization. Some boards choose to operate with a development committee; whereas others prefer not to have a separate committee because they want to send the message that it is every board member’s duty to participate in fundraising. Some boards look to the development director to magically raise all the funds herself or himself. This, of course, is not reasonable even though it fairly common.

The professionals at NonprofitKinect will work with you to help your organization evaluate its fundraising strengths and areas for opportunity. We will also work with your development director, executive director, and board members to design a comprehensive fundraising plan that encompasses all aspects of fund development.  The result will be maximizing your organization’s fundraising success.