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Sound strategic planning is at the heart of good nonprofit leadership. Yet, many organizations feel frustrated or confused with the idea of creating a strategic plan. Some are unsure about what a strategic plan looks like or what it should accomplish. Others have tried to create a plan but failed because they did not include the key stakeholders in the process. When this happens the plan does not succeed because those who are charged with the plan’s implementation do not feel a sense of ownership. Contact Nonprofit Kinect today for a free consultation on how your organization can create and implement a dynamic strategic plan.

We often hear about boards spending a lot of time on a strategic plan only to have it sit on a shelf and collect dust. But a strategic plan has the potential to transform an organization and frame its future success. A viable plan starts with a multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders identifying a set of values, a vision for the future, and the mission. Once the board is clear about the future it wants to create, a strategic plan can be the vehicle to transport the staff and board to success. A well conceived strategic plan together with a clear tactical plan will provide a road map to guide an organization to its vision.

Regular Strategic Planning Happens Daily

While regular strategic planning is important, strategic decisions happen daily. The strategic plan can provide direction and a framework for daily decisions. But some people reject the idea of a three to five year plan as irrelevant and impractical. They prefer to just use “common sense” when making decisions.  The best results occur when a group of diverse stakeholders engage in a thoughtful strategic planning process and then clearly communicate the plan and ideals to the rest of the organization and community it serves. If people use the plan as a guidepost to ensure organizational continuity for the plethora of daily decisions, it will be an invaluable tool.

The professionals at NonprofitKinect will work with your organization to create a strategic plan that will be a living, breathing foundation for organizational decision making and success.