Nonprofit Virtual Board Training

Sample Virtual Training Video:

Below is a Summary Outline of the “Roles & Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board” training.  Each area is covered in much greater detail when you purchase the training program.


Summary of Topics Covered in “Roles & Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board”

  • Take a Quiz to identify your current board practices
  • Download here the Roles & Responsibilities Workbook 1
  • Engage in a discussion of Simon Sinek’s video “Start With Why


  • Review your organization’s core documents like Mission, Vision and Values
  • Read pertinent articles about board governance best practices
  • Learn about the most important role of a board of directors
  • Discuss your organization’s response to Peter Drucker’s core five questions
  • Explore best practices in cultivating, recruiting, and training new board members
  • Discover ways of hiring, supporting, and evaluating your executive director
  • Learn about the three legal responsibilities of a nonprofit board


  • Find out how your board can best practice its financial and fiscal oversight duties
  • Explore ways your finance committee and financial staff person can optimize their work
  • Learn about the most recommended financial policies
  • Consider the balance between the board’s oversight role and staff’s job
  • Explore your board’s legal and ethical integrity
  • Find out about the board’s role in the annual audit
  • Discuss whether your organization has sufficient resources to carry out its plans


  • Learn how to effectively wave the flag of your organization in the community
  • Find out how you can have fun promoting your organization’s good work
  • Trade ideas on how you can be the best flag wavers
  • Learn the secret of attracting others to your cause

Below is a Summary Outline of the “Practices and Structures” training.  Each area is covered in much greater detail when you purchase the training program.


Summary of Topics Covered in “Practices and Structures of a Nonprofit Board”

Partnership Practice—Board Chair & CEO

  • Learn about the optimum relationship between the Board Chair and the Executive Director
  • Explore opportunities to clarify and strengthen this critical relationship

Partnership Practice—Board & Staff

  • Find out about appropriate and ineffective communication between the Board and Staff
  • Learn about ways to enhance the relationship between the Board and Staff

 Board Meetings

  • Study best practices for conducting effective board meetings
  • Find out how you can create board meetings that board members want to attend


  • Learn about the importance of conducting regular evaluations of your board
  • Find out why it is important to evaluate individual board members

 Practices–New Board Member Recruitment

  • Explore tools for recruiting new members to your board
  • Find out how you can streamline your board member recruitment practices

 Structure—Board Training

  • Learn about the various ways of ensuring your board is well-trained
  • Find out why your board will be more effective if it engages in regular training

Training Topics for Virtual Board Training Modules

•    Nonprofit Board Roles & Responsibilities
•    Nonprofit Board Structures & Practices
•    Enhancing Your Nonprofit Board’s Diversity
•    Nonprofit Board Leadership
•    Nonprofit Board Recruitment
•    Nonprofit Board Training
•    Nonprofit Board Governance
•    Nonprofit Strategic Planning
•    Nonprofit Board Retreats
•    Nonprofit Fundraising Strategies
•    Building Capacity for Your Nonprofit 
•    Nonprofit Dispute Facilitation

•    Nonprofit Gift Acceptance Policy
•    Nonprofit Board Fiduciary Duties
•    Evaluate Your Nonprofit’s Mission Statement
•    Leading Nonprofit Boards in a Virtual World
•    Creating Successful Nonprofit Hybrid Workplaces
•    Assessing Your Nonprofit’s Financial Health
•    Scenario Planning for Your Nonprofit
•    Nonprofit Pivoting During Adversity
•    Evaluating a Nonprofit’s E.D. & Board
•    Developing Your Unique Nonprofit Leadership Style
•    Conducting Brilliant Nonprofit Board Meetings
•    Enhancing Your Nonprofit’s Visibility