How to Start a Nonprofit Side Hustle: Know the Basics

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Announcements

First, the bad news. Because of the economy, many nonprofit professionals (in addition to many other professionals) are looking for ways to earn extra money due to being laid off from their jobs or being placed on part-time status by their organizations. But the good news is that also due to the economy, lots of organizations are even more short-staffed than ever and are in need of temporary, part-time or consulting help. So instead of getting a second job at Target, nonprofit professionals (and even students) can use their education, experience and entrepreneurial spirit to earn more money for their household by helping other organizations do their work better. I call it a nonprofit side hustle, but you might even call it the new overtime for folks who want to earn additional income beyond their full-time jobs. To get us started, here’s a brief FAQ for those who are thinking of dipping their toes into the nonprofit consulting waters.